Give Your Instagram Audience Value And Relevance, That Way You Get To Keep Them

Just remember that Instagram remains a leading platform for both consumers and small business promotions. As a small startup yourself, you are already part of that world-wide audience, hovering close to a billion members. But as you know, the world continues to grow smaller. And the day you successfully connect with like-minded members, it will be a small world indeed. Get to know your new audience really well, be prepared to engage with them as often as you can, work hard at creating captivating content and more Instagram followers will surely, well, follow.

These are essentially the main ingredients for your recipe to create your first winning strategy on your first (and only?) interactive social media platform. This article is so far all about motivating you to keep on trying until you get it right. But you can get it right by setting aside a chunk of time in your busy day going through online guides on how grow the number of your followers. The guides are formulaic.

But more importantly, and encouragingly perhaps, they are straightforward and easy to follow, utilizing the standard step by step procedures. Setting up and using a first Instagram account only takes a few minutes. But during this learning phase, you are encouraged to take your time. Get used to the notion of not merely growing the number of followers to your new account but cultivating a following that perfectly suits your new business.

Make it fit like a glove, in other words. Of course, make sure that glove fits for starters. If, however, you are not in it for the business and wish to promote worthy causes, then by all means, take a gloves off approach to things in order to be aggressive and heard in getting your message across. But however opinionated you choose to be, and that’s always going to be your right, the reality is that you’re still going to have to respect your audience.

The small business owner wants to keep new customers, not lose them after the first sale and with nothing further to offer. The social media activist with a particular code of ethics and humaneness for others to follow (take note of this; to follow) does not wish to scare or anger folks away. He wishes to captivate them, and he wishes to indulge them as well. By allowing them to be indulgent means giving them a chance to have their say.

That’s what it takes to become a successful social media activist. Learn to be a good listener and your glass of milk is already half full. A good way to draw in likeminded followers without spending much time on the research is to make good use of the hashtag. You can use it liberally, if you choose, but still use it with discretion to keep your cause or business relevant and of value to others. Never lose the thread of your argument or promotion.

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